The 10 Heures Chrono bed plate is  a know-how focused on the diffusion
of active molecules through the polymer component of the support.

By its method of diffusion the bed plate of 10 Hours chrono
eliminates mites and PUNAISES OF BED at 100%  after the following deadlines.

Biocidal laboratory tests :

The bed bugs

The scabies mites

The dust mites

10 hours
24 hours
8 hours

The 10 Heures Chrono bed pad is placed between the mattress and the bedspring in the middle of the bed using the glove provided during its handling.
It starts acting immediately and maintains its effectiveness on

3 continuous months.

Provide 1 plate for a bed of 90 cm and double larger.
In case of infestation of the bed, put 1 plate on each side of the bed.
Can be used for children's bed from 48 months

Suggested retail price:


Weight of a plate : 34g

Made in france

ACL : 0000000